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Immigration Law

The mission of our firm is to work with each client and explore every possible avenue to address their immigration needs. Our staff has years of immigration experience in the areas of legal resident visas, spouse and fiancé visas, visas for immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, deportation defense, work visas, investor visas, and political asylum. More Details

Criminal Law

As a former US Army Judge Advocate, serving both as a prosecutor, defense attorney, and receiving years of specialized litigation training, Mr. Kozik now uses his years of litigation and investigative experience to defend clients in complex, high-stakes, criminal cases in D.C. Superior Court. More Details

Military Law

At The Matthew James, PLLC, we fight to protect the legal rights of men and women who have put their own lives at risk to defend our nation. Servicemembers protect and uphold the principles of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, but unfortunately, at times their rights are disregarded in the course of criminal investigation, court-martial, administrative separation, or other adverse procedures. More Details

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Matthew James Kozik

Our Mission

Facing criminal charges or addressing your immigration needs is likely the most important moment in your life.  At The Matthew James, PLLC, with years of criminal justice and immigration experience, we understand the importance of your legal matters.

Whether facing criminal charges at D.C. Superior Court, Fort Bliss or needing immediate attention to your immigration status, we provide your case the detailed attention it deserves.

When represented by our firm you can take a moment and breathe, knowing you are represented by a law firm with extensive experience and counsel dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

We Focus On Excellence

  • Among the top 10% defense counsel in the organization. Mr. Kozik’s legal acumen and understanding of the ever-changing criminal justice system far exceeds his contemporaries. A passionate, principled, and dedicated litigator holding himself to absolute highest standards.

  • The number one attorney in the office and top 5% I have ever supervised. Mr. Kozik is exceptionally capable of performing in the most complex environments. A well-rounded individual who has unlimited potential.

  • Mr. Kozik is relentless in providing the very best legal representation to individuals facing the biggest challenge of their lives.  He’s distinguished himself among a very strong group of litigators.  Always extremely effective in building rapport with his clients and earning their trust.

  • Phenomenal – Mr. Kozik is an aggressive litigator who meticulously delves into the fine details of the case ensuring no stone is left unturned. His passion for the law, strong work ethic, and focused discipline set him apart. His passion for justice set the example for his peers.

  • Mr. Kozik has limitless potential and should be assigned to the only most challenging cases.

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