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Criminal Law

Facing criminal charges in Washington D.C. Superior Court is a serious life-changing event.  If charged with either a misdemeanor or felony, and found guilty, your sentence could include fines, probation, a period of confinement, and sex offender registration.  If convicted, these charges could remain on your record for years, if not permanently.

At The Matthew James, PLLC, our team has years of criminal law experience and knows how to advocate on your behalf.  If charged with an offense in Washington D.C. Superior Court, contact our office and we will do everything in our power to achieve favorable results.


Receiving accolades as a top prosecutor and defense attorney in the areas of sexual assault and domestic violence, Mr. Kozik has years of criminal defense experience trying complex cases addressing financial crimes, rape, sexual assault, DUI, domestic violence, and sexual solicitation.

At our firm we will never promise a finding of not guilty; it is simply impossible to know the outcome of a criminal matter. However, we will use every tool available and try to have your charges dismissed, mitigate the offenses, or have the court enter a finding of not guilty of the alleged offense.

We understand facing criminal charges is difficult and we pride ourselves in working hard ensuring we put the best foot forward in addressing your case.

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    • Prepare for trial, call witnesses, and ensure your story is told.
    • Negotiate a deal with the prosecutor.  This may mean dismissing charges, limiting a period of confinement, or entering into a deferred prosecution agreement.
    • Identify investigators helpful to your case.  Private investigators will investigate the allegations, interview witnesses, and obtain other useful information.