Matthew James Kozik, Esq.



As a young professional living in Washington, D.C., Mr. Kozik worked on both sides of the political aisle, working on national presidential campaigns, and working as a federal attorney.  After years living in the nation’s capital, Mr. Kozik felt it was time to serve his country in uniform.

As an active duty Judge Advocate, being stationed all around the world, Mr. Kozik earned distinguished military awards such as the Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal, Combat Action Badge, and Parachutist Badge.  During his time on active duty, Mr. Kozik served as a defense counsel, prosecutor, brigade judge advocate, and administrative law attorney.  Additionally, while serving on active duty, Mr. Kozik continued developing his litigation skills, attending complex litigation courses as well as continuing to build his understanding of immigration law.   As a defense counsel and prosecutor in some of the Army’s busiest criminal jurisdictions, Mr. Kozik litigated countless cases, achieving favorable outcomes.


After leaving active duty, Mr. Kozik established The Matthew James, PLLC, and successfully litigates criminal cases in D.C. Superior Court, achieves favorable immigration outcomes, and  successfully represents our men and women in uniform both as a civilian and a trial defense Judge Advocate in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Mr. Kozik established The Matthew James, PLLC, to utilize the skills learned from over a decade of legal experience and provide exceptional legal representation to those in need.  Mr. Kozik understands facing criminal charges or addressing your immigration needs is likely the most important moment in your life; he looks forward to discussing your case, developing a relationship, and achieving your desired result.


Bar of the District of Columbia, State of Maryland, and authorized to practice in U.S. military and immigration courts. 

Memberships and Specialized Training:

Judge Advocates Association

D.C. Superior Court Trial Lawyers Association

DC Trial Lawyers Association

American Immigration Lawyers Association

D.C. Superior Court Criminal Justice Act Training

Criminal Justice Litigation Training

Criminal Justice Expert Symposium

Defense Counsel Training 101

Defense Counsel Training 201

Prosecutor Training Course

Sex Assault Litigation Training and Advocacy Course

Immigration Law Advocacy

Ethics in Government

Practice Areas

Immigration Law

The mission of our firm is to work with each client and explore every possible avenue to address their immigration needs. Our staff has years of immigration experience in the areas of legal resident visas, spouse and fiancé visas, visas for immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, deportation defense, work visas, investor visas, and political asylum. More Details

Criminal Law

As a former US Army Judge Advocate, serving both as a prosecutor, defense attorney, and receiving years of specialized litigation training, Mr. Kozik now uses his years of litigation and investigative experience to defend clients in complex, high-stakes, criminal cases in D.C. Superior Court. More Details

Military Law

At The Matthew James, PLLC, we fight to protect the legal rights of men and women who have put their own lives at risk to defend our nation. Servicemembers protect and uphold the principles of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, but unfortunately, at times their rights are disregarded in the course of criminal investigation, court-martial, administrative separation, or other adverse procedures. More Details